Terms of Service

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  4. HouseHunter.com reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify the contents of this site at any time without notice. Price and availability of any or all of our services or products, including the publishing of this site in it's entirety are subject to change without notice. Prepaid advertising will be refunded pro-rata only in the event the entire publication of this web site permanently ceases. HouseHunter.com's distribution of it's ads to third-party sites is a FREE service which is provided on an as desired by HouseHunter.com basis and at HouseHunter.com's sole discretion and is also subject to the terms of it's arrangements with such third parties and subject to the terms of service of said third parties. These distribution arrangements with third-parties may be changed or discontinued by HouseHunter.com at any time and without notice to the advertisers. 

  5. HouseHunter.com reserves the right to refuse to publish or to discontinue publishing any advertisement or mls listing in HouseHunter.com's sole discretion. Any prepaid ad or listing which is refused publication or cancelled BY HouseHunter.com PURSUANT HERETO after publication will be refunded pro-rata. 

  6. House Hunter and it's logos are a Trademark of  L & L Realty Group, Inc. Any logos marked TM are not yet registered, but are in the process. All site design, text, graphics, the selection and arrangement thereof, and all software are Copyright, HouseHunter.com, a division of R-House, Inc., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All references herein to "HouseHunter.com" shall refer to HouseHunter.com, a division of L & L Realty Group, Inc. Permission is granted to use this site and it's contents for the sole purpose of pursuing the user's desire to purchase or sell real estate. Those users may copy only those portions of this site's advertisement content which is of assistance to said users for the sole purpose of pursuing their real estate transactions. Any other use of the information and material on this site, including without limitation, reproduction for purposes other than those listed above, modification, distribution, or republication without prior written permission of HouseHunter.com is strictly prohibited unless specifically requested by HouseHunter.com. Use of this site for the purpose of gathering information either for use of any kind or for republication (unless specifically requested by HouseHunter.com) or SOLICITING the advertisers for commercial or other purposes is EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED. HouseHunter.com reserves the right, and all users expressly consent to these procedures, to employ such procedures as it deems necessary to detect any unauthorized solicitation of advertisers or information gathering. In addition to and without limiting any other legal remedy available to HouseHunter.com either at law or in equity, in relation to it's enforcing this non-solicitation/information gathering provision, it is expressly stipulated that all gross revenues along with all other commercial benefits accruing to any solicitor/information gatherer violating this restriction shall be the property of HouseHunter.com Service and it shall be entitled to its Attorney fees and cost associated with any legal proceeding brought to collect said revenues or benefits in the event they are not remitted to HouseHunter.com immediately upon receipt of same by any such violating solicitor/information gatherer. 

  7. All Advertisers hereby grant HouseHunter.com, a division of  L & L Realty Group, Inc. an Irrevocable but Non-Exclusive Copyright License covering the entire content of the Advertiser's advertisement, including but not limited to the electronic photo images. HouseHunter.com, in it's sole discretion and as it desires, may publish or cause to be published any such content in whole or in part, in any other Real Estate Advertising Web Site or Real Estate Advertising Print Publication. All Advertisers hereby undertake the sole obligation to timely modify their ad to indicate if the property has been sold or is no longer offered for sale. All Advertisers hereby warrant that the entire contents of their ad are true and correct to the best of their knowledge and belief and undertake to timely modify their ad to correct any errors or incorrect information that comes to the attention of the Advertiser. Each Advertiser hereby agrees to Indemnify and hold HouseHunter.com, a division of R-House, Inc. totally harmless from any and all cost, risk, expense, or liability of any and every kind which may result from any incorrect or misleading information being included in the Advertisers ad or the publication of the ad itself. 

  8. Except as expressly set forth herein, no refunds shall be made. There is no refund for internet advertising (FSBO Ads) after the ad is published online. There is no refund for mls listing fees or other listing service fees after the listing is input by the real estate agent. If termination of any mls listing service or other listing service is requested in writing before the listing is actually input by the real estate agent (no service was actually provided by the real estate agent) and an exception to this no-refund policy is requested, any realtor referral fee shall be non-refundable in such case and a partial-refund of the amount of the mls input fee paid. There is no refund for signs or products after they are shipped and there is a $40 shipping/handling/restocking fee for any sign/product shipment which is returned undelivered. 

  9. HouseHunter.com expressly reserves the right, at it's sole discretion, to electronically block either the access to our sites or the use of any of the sites features by any specific user. Your IP address is recorded as part of your account subscription, and with any ads placed. IP addresses are also kept of visitors who report inappropriate ads. These IP addresses are only kept to prevent abuse, and are not used otherwise. 

  10. Your use of the HouseHunter.com site or advertising therein shall constitute your acceptance of these terms and conditions. HouseHunter.com may amend these terms and conditions at any time by posting any change on this page. Additionally, if any term herein is ruled non enforceable or illegal or not given the full effect and consequence that it was intended for any reason in any jurisdiction, then as and to the full extent possible all the other terms herein shall remain fully applicable and enforceable..